Sabbath Research Associates

Lying for God is written, edited and published by Sabbath Research Associates, a loose-knit association of practicing Christians who have a burning desire that Christian truth be known. Many of us are former Sabbatarians who slowly and quite reluctantly came to the view that the teaching of a moral, perpetual and universal Sabbath commandment binding Christians is in fact anti-Christian.

Sabbath Research Associates have been engaged in Sabbatarian research for more than a decade, having published eleven major editions of our flagship research report Lying for God. We have recently begun an internet-based publishing ministry to support the distribution and awareness of the results of our research.


Kerry B. Wynne

Founder and Project Coordinator of Lying for God

B.A., English & History, Pacific Union College (1972); M.A., Educational Administration, Andrews University (1978)

Kerry B. Wynne graduated from Pacific Union College in 1970–1972 with degrees in English and history, and was awarded elementary and secondary teacher certification from the State of California. He taught at elementary and secondary levels in the Seventh-day Adventist school system in Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois for almost a decade, earning a master’s degree in educational administration from Andrews University in 1978. He was an active lay preacher, and was granted a lay-preaching license by the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. After obtaining an associate degree in nursing in 1983, he retired as a registered nurse in 2014.

Kerry was a third-generation Seventh-day Adventist whose great-grandmother heard Ellen G. White speak at a camp meeting in Colorado. Yet he was shocked to learn that Ellen G. White had credited a number of predictions and statements of facts to direct, divine revelation from God that are now known to be false. After pursuing the implications of this discovery, he left Adventism in 2005. He and his wife are now active in a full-Bible non-denominational church which they have faithfully attended since leaving Seventh-day Adventism.

On leaving Adventism, Kerry began to research and write about the problems with Sabbatarianism and Adventism. Other former Sabbatarians—including William H. Hohmann and Robert K. Sanders—soon joined him in this work, supporting him as co-authors and friends. In the years that followed, additional co-authors with varied former Sabbatarian backgrounds joined the team.

Kerry says that his greatest hope for the Lying for God research project is to communicate the Gospel, including the assurance of salvation, which, he is convinced, is impossible within Sabbatarian theology.

One of the great joys of this project has been to see one of its consulting specialists—an avowed atheist—become Christian. After reviewing the team’s research on the prophecies of Christ from the Greek Septuagint, she became convinced that the Old Testament bore prophetic witness to Jesus Christ. She could see that Jesus was everything He claimed to be.

Kerry hopes and prays that Lying for God will break many out of darkness and despair, bringing them into the glorious light and truth of the Kingdom of God.

William H. Hohmann

Co-founder and Project Theologian

B.A., Theology, Ambassador College (1976)

Our resident theologian received his degree from Ambassador College and has worked in industrial management for many years.

Martin H. Klayman

Director of Jewish Studies

Robert K. Sanders

Founder of

Larry Dean

Retired Defense Attorney, Independent Researcher & Cult Analyst

Elce “Thunder” Lauriston

Former Daniel and Revelation Seminar Presenter and Author of All Foods are Clean—Every Day is the Sabbath and The Sabbath: What You Need To Know: 16 Propositions Against Mandatory and Salvational Sabbath-Keeping

Elce-Junior “Thunder” Lauriston is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Theology degree at the Bethel Bible College, in Mandeville, Jamaica. He is a pastor-in-training, author, and lay evangelist. He was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for almost ten years.

During those years, he served as Bible Teacher and Counselor in local Seventh-day Adventist congregations. He was also known for his dynamic Conference Evangelism, hosting revival meetings and Daniel and Revelation Seminars across Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

In his 2nd year of pastoral studies at the Adventist Church’s flagship institution in Jamaica, Northern Caribbean University (NCU), he began seeing the tremendous errors of Adventist doctrines while learning NT Greek and Hermeneutics.

Pivotal doctrines and beliefs such as the Sabbath, the Investigative Judgment, the “Health Message,” the prophetic ministry of Ellen White, the Remnant Church, the State of the Dead, the Church’s stance on dressing and jewelry, all began to crumble under piercing scrutiny.

He began questioning his professors about these blatant inconsistencies between Adventist teachings and the Scriptures, but failed to receive satisfactory answers.

Some of these issues were compounded when he discovered and read Lying For God, the 1919 Seventh-day Adventist Bible Conference Minutes, Proclamation! Magazine, and the works of Desmond Ford, Dale Ratzlaff, Greg Taylor, J. Mark Martin, and a host of other authors and works that exposed the errors of Adventism.

On realising that he could no longer remain in Adventism, let alone pursue a ministerial career therein, he withdrew from the institution.

It is Elce’s hope that readers of Lying For God will be delivered from legalism in every way it is expressed—but especially from the legalism of mandatory, salvational Sabbatarianism—and come to experience true rest in the New Covenant faith of Christ.

Margie Littel

Margie Littel graduated from Southern Missionary College with a Bachelor of Arts. She received a Masters of Education from James Madison University, and also earned Masters in both Audiology and Speech Therapy. She is a dual-certified Clinical Audiologist and Speech Therapist who located her practise in her hometown.

Margie was raised a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist who taught in Seventh-day Adventist schools for 30 years. She later served a Seventh-day Adventist Conference and wrote for Seventh-day Adventist publications (under her married name).

Yet when she began to really examine the book of Ephesians, her belief in Adventist “faith and works” began to crumble as she was led to the foot of the cross. She became an insatiable reader of the Bible, and sadly, realized that she, her cousins, uncles and aunts, all belonged to a cult.

She found a marked contrast between the Gospel and Adventist teachings, which she characterizes as paranoid (“remember those Sunday-keepers who will one day kill Adventists”), insecure (“will God find me ‘good enough’ to save?”) and incoherent. Margie is convinced that Adventism preaches “another gospel, which is no gospel at all”.

Margie is impelled to share God’s mighty Gospel as it is overwhelmingly GOOD NEWS. Margie says, “All I can do is praise Him and share Him with all who wish to join me do Jesus’ work.” — And what is His work? — Jesus answers, “The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.”

D. M. Canright (Posthumously)

Chief Opposer of Sabbatarianism during Ellen White’s lifetime and Author of The Lord’s Day From Neither Catholics nor Pagans (1915)

Robert Cox (Posthumously)

Scottish Lawyer, Editor of Encyclopædia Britannica and Author of The Literature of the Sabbath Question (1865)

Dr. Peter Heylyn (Posthumously)

Court Chaplain to King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland and Author of The History of the Sabbath (1636)