Lying for God version 12


Volume 2




Introduction to the 12th Edition

01 What God's Law Is And What It Isn't

02 The Torah: The Key To Understanding The Sabbath

03 The Oral Law And Israel's Dual Court System

04 The Sabbath In The Context Of The Second Temple Era

05 The Sabbath In The New Testament

06 Sabbath Not A Law For Christians

07 The Origin Of The Term, "Lord's Day," In Revelation 1:10

08 Is There A Sabbath In The Genesis Record?

09 Objections And Refutations For The Concept Of No Sabbath In Genesis

10 Analyzing Additional Sabbatarian Arguments

11 The Explosion Of Christianity After The Resurrection

12 Examining Sabbath Abandonment: Tertullian

13 Ignoring Eastern Christianity For 175 Years

14 Examining Sabbath Abandonment—The Great Councils

15 England's Sabbatarian Crisis Under Charles I

16 Biblical Barriers To Sabbatarian Theology

17 Sabbath Crisis—The Genocide Exception To The Sabbath

18 A Contextual And Exegetical Exposition Of Colossians 2

19 Deeper Than Ever Before Into Colossians 2:14-17

20 Are There Two Classifications Of Annual Sabbaths in Colossians 214-17?

21 The Prophecies of Daniel And Revelation Do Not Prove A Sabbath-changing Conspiracy

22 The Exodus Journey

23 The Fiscus Judaicus Tax And Adventist Theories Of Sabbath Abandonment

24 Logic, Common Sense, The Law, And The Covenants

25 The Book Of Jubilees Destroys Some Pet Adventist Sabbath Myths

26 Hellenized Judaism And Dr. Bacchiocchi's Jewish Persecution Theory

27 Examining The Tangled Roots of the Hebrew Roots Movement

28 Daniel Through The Eyes Of John Newton, Sir Robert Anderson, and Darren Jack

29 Israel's Restoration

30 What Did Jesus Say About His Own Sabbath-keeping?

31 The Antichrist: Islam Or The Papacy?

32 Sabbath-keeping In The Early Church

33 Replacement Theology Unraveled